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Please note: the club is closed on Friday 22 September 2017!

Check out our new “Programme From September 2017” tab or click here to find out more:  Programme from September 2017

Visit to “BurntIsland” on 26August2017 – click here to find out more Museum of Communication

Presentation held on 04 August 2017: IOTA weekend – Island of Barra.

Many thanks to Jack for giving us a great presentation on “Modern Radio ATUs” on Friday 30June2017 !

Many thanks to Sam giving his presentation on Friday 23June2017:
“Islands, Whisky, and Radio Antenna Technology”!

Many thanks to Ross for giving his presentation on Friday 09June2017:
“LoRaWAN technology”. We  hope to see another follow up presentation at a later date!:
“Talk at WoSARS, on the subject of a fairly new radio technology called LoRaWAN.
This is a technology which involves sending very small (just a few bytes) of data relatively long distances from small radio nodes using very little power, to radio gateway systems, capable of co-ordinating and moving the data through the internet to client applications.
The talk should consist of a small presentation, a video explaining the radio basics of the technology, and an actual demo involving LoRaWAN chips, a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino and an internet based system.
I have been looking into this new technology, and have had a week or so to tinker with and build up a demo.
Not amateur radio but the concept of the technology has large parallels with the sort of thing amateurs do (QRP particularly)”.

Other News:

The “Scottish Amateur Radio and Electronics Convention” took place on 07 May 2017 in Braehead. Please click this link to get more details: Scottish Amateur Radio and Electronics Convention

Congratulations to 4 candidates for passing their Foundation Licence exams! That is a total of 10 passes for 2016! (25 November 2016).

Many thanks to those who provided some transport to the Museum of Communication visit on Saturday 27 August 2016. Click here for Museum Details

A WOSARS “Dropbox” account has been created. This provides us with an area to store files that can be easily downloaded by clicking a download link.

Our entry in the “RSGB 2017 Yearbook” has been processed by the RSGB and should be appearing within it when published.

Many thanks to those who attended WOSARS club AGM on Friday 10 June 2016. The secretary will provide the minutes to the new committee in due course.

Congratulations to 2 candidates for passing their Foundation Licence exams! That is a total of 6 passes this year! (20 May 2016)

Congratulations to 3 candidates for passing their Foundation Licence exams and receiving their call signs! (01 April 2016)

Presentations In The Pipeline:

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(Note: photograph of WOSARS Antenna taken on Saturday 30 July 2016 on the Isle of Cumbrae)

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